Earwig Magazine



Dear readers of Earwig Magazine….

It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce we can no longer continue to produce Earwig Magazine :(

Since it's launch in July 2018 it has been hugely popular with children, their parents, teachers and schools across Stroud but unfortunately the way in which we currently fund the publication is just not sustainable/viable.

The idea behind Earwig was to create a free magazine available to children and families from all backgrounds which promoted reading and learning as a fun recreational exercise through original illustrated stories, comic strips (all by local published children's authors and illustrators), things to make and do whilst also promoting local venues, festivals and children's workshop/course providers.

It was a project we ran in our spare time (which wasn't a lot between Good On Paper, our actual day jobs and fatherhood duties!) putting a stretch in our resources and on our family life.

We both want to thank all our little readers and for all our amazing contributions to the magazine (which would not have existed without you!).

It may be that Earwig can be resurrected in the not too distant future but until that time it has ended with issue 6...(Competition winners will still receive their Earwig t-shirts!)

Alex and Adam
Earwig Magazine
July 2018 - February 2019