Earwig Magazine


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A brand new bi-monthly magazine for children (and parents) aged 5-10 from the makers of local arts and culture publication - Good On Paper!

Launched in July 2018 it's currently available for free in primary schools across Stroud (see stockists) featuring comic strips, illustrated stories from published children's authors and renowned artists, editorial contributions from Nailsworth based national reading charity 'Read For Good', a how to make section from local crafts people and award winning bakers, illustrated locals walks and more...

There is of course also something for the parents  – five pages of monthly listings providing a definitive guide to children's workshops, courses and events across the Stroud District and (slightly) beyond!



Alex Hobbis

36 Years old and still watches He-Man.

Moved from Bristol to Stroud in 2011, swapping inner city life for greener pastures.

When not spending his spare time on Good On Paper and Earwig or hunting for vinyl in charity shops and recording/playing shows in instrumental post-rock band The Pirate Ship Quintet he enjoys the family life up in the Rodborough hills.

For the last ten years he has worked as the Account Director for the Big Issue South West magazine working out of the Centre for Science and Art on Lansdown.

Adam Hinks

34 years old and still wears Marvel pyjamas.

Moved from Birmingham in 2010, avoiding the toddler-height smog of the city.

Adam is a freelance graphic designer under the name The PDCo. He spends his time creating illustrations, designing brand identities, building data visualisations and pixel nudging interface designs. Bass player, guitarist, part-time children's entertainer.

Adam also runs Stroud Cluster - a co-working space for freelance designery-types, freelance coders of all sorts and modern micro-businesses.



Earwig would not exist without contributions from a hoard of talented friends who dedicate their precious spare time to create this magazine of ours (and theirs). Check out their links below:

Rebecca Ashdown (rebeccaashdown.me) | Mr Bobbington (facebook.com/MrBobbingtonPop) | Jenny Bowers (jennybowers.co.uk) | Rosali Darien-Jones (rosaliedarienjones.co.uk) | Siobain Drury (harumscarum.co.uk) Hannah Dyson (hannahdyson.co.uk) | Jonny Fluffypunk (jonnyfluffypunk.co.uk) | Imogen Harvey-Lewis (imogenharveylewis.co.uk) | Ruth Hickson (ruthhickson.com) | Alex Merry (alexmerryart.com) | Tom Percival (tom-percival.com) | Read for Good (readforgood.org) | Hannah Shaw (hannahshawillustrator.co.uk) | Marcus Walters (marcuswalters.com) | Wild Things (thewildthings.org.uk